Hart & Co – IndyLeam

Hart & Co provided us with the location for the next shoot for the IndyLeam series.

As this was shot in lockdown while bars and restaurants were still closed, we had to be inventive with the set and placement of shots. We enjoyed this challenge. Ourselves, the staff and the IndyLeam lads played around with what we could and made it work.

Hart & Co are also involved in providing the IndyLeam app with offers, hence this video brief. The app was launched this summer and is available on the App Store and Google Play.

The challenges in creating this video were more around the contents within the bar. Hart & Co were operating a take-away and delivery service like most bars and restaurants have been. This meant that aspects of inside the bar weren't ready for re-opening.

We had two girls acting as if they were out on a casual night out. They were great. Hart & Co are renowned for their cocktails so this was the centre piece of the night out element. The girls required little directing, only to have a normal conversation and we will work with the rest.

With that happening, we played around with foreground and background. Trying to create the illusion that the bar wasn't empty. We succeeded in this, whilst utilising the quirky features this bar had.

Editorially, this all worked out really well. Music was always going to be a large factor in making this video pop so we put a lot of attention into that. Colour grading along with the features Hart & Co possessed really made an impact visually.

The video has 2,372 views on the IndyLeam Instagram account as of today. Not accounting for the shares and other accounts this has been posted on.

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