Goalkeeper Training Sessions

Filming these Goalkeeper training sessions was a lot of fun. The purpose is to use them as promotion for Coaches and Clubs who have high level coaching, and use content to gain new members.

Recently, we have found how useful this content is for coaches and clubs. Whether its goalkeeper training sessions or any player training sessions. Videos are incredibly useful in analysis, teaching and promoting.

We've viewed a lot of goalkeeper training session videos along with other sporting training videos during this process. They are incredibly useful for so many reasons. As a kid looking for drills to do at home or with their parents it's great. For a coach looking to use it for analysis with specific programmes with players doing one to one training. And then for adults and parents interested in finding the right coach and club for their kid to join.

All of the above circumstances require video as a key part of it working. We have spoken about the advertising aspect as well, where if you are a coach or club, using videos like this as part of your campaign for new members is essential.

We have filmed a few of these goalkeeper training sessions now, utilising tripod and gimbal equipment. For clients, we would like to use both within sessions giving a good scope of what the drill is, how it works and the coach/player interaction. We would then incorporate movement and close ups with the gimbal to make the content itself stand out against competitors.

Then finally, captions and graphics to help explain the key coaching points for viewers without audio. All in all, we can create high end content for the sporting coaches and clubs out there, this is just a goalkeeper training session as an example.

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