Fox and Vivian – IndyLeam

Fox and Vivian were the client for this short clip as briefed by IndyLeam. Combining clients and contacts for this job was a lot of fun. Co-ordinated by the lads at IndyLeam meant for a smooth flow for us with the camera.

The brief was simple. Display a "date night" atmosphere in the new cocktail bar area. Fox and Vivian will be partaking in an offer for the customers of the IndyLeam app, which was due for launch.

Whilst the brief for filming was simple, the edit was one of those that developed as it went on. We always shoot to edit, and this was no different for Fox and Vivian or IndyLeam. We try and get clients into that mindset too, but appreciate it's not always that easy.

Utilising over the shoulder shots of the app in use was a back up to using a screen recording. In the end, we much preferred the over the shoulder shot. Fox and Vivian were very accommodating for filming, but the edit was driven by IndyLeam's brief.

We reached the goal by playing around with the captions, font, font colour and other assets. These are small parts, but all are important for a company's branding. Something we completely agree with.

On the IndyLeam Instagram account this video was posted on 10th June and has 2,010 views so far. Bearing in mind the account has 5,719 followers, that's pretty good. Over a third of the people following them have seen our video. This doesn't account for Fox and Vivian, ourselves and anyone else also posting and sharing.

This was the first in a series of 3 videos created for IndyLeam that follow the same pattern. Again, another great example of us providing a social and digital package for our clients.

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