Emotionally Connected – Personal Therapy

Emotionally Connected - Personal Therapy

In the Emotionally Connected series, we have created videos for their Personal and Group Therapy services. In addition we produced a social snippet suitable for digital platforms.

Suzanne Brown is an expert and brilliant at what she does. She is looking to bring a new level of energy and awareness to her brand Emotionally Connected, therefore using YouNeek Productions seemed like a no brainer.

Immediately we connected and understood where she is looking to go and how we can get her there.

Suzanne is already working with a partner of ours. It was through this referral we were able to build out her brief. She is also in the process of updating the Emotionally Connected website and elements of branding. Producing video content was all a part of the refresh, which was something Suzanne was very keen to do.

As I mentioned, we connected immediately so we were able to work very easily in terms of a shorthand language and understanding each others vision. However, this wasn't a project that was completed in the easiest of circumstances. In fact, we were unable to meet in person until the day of shooting due to COVID and the Social Distancing guidelines in place at the time. Through phone conversations and email, we were able to align effortlessly and gain trust that half a day's worth of filming would be able to deliver 3 excellent videos.

For the project, we also had our Photographer on the shoot. Overall we delivered 3 videos. A short social snippet and around 90 professional images for Suzanne and Emotionally Connected to use. This isn't the end of our relationship though. We have both expressed more ideas to support and continue working together. Including live Group sessions, longer form content for Adults and Children and Social Media support. Emotionally Connected are an ideal client. This is down to how they work and embrace the possibilities of video and digital content.

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