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Digital content is something everyone needs and uses. This example is simple, short, stylish and portrays us and our client exactly how we want to be.

A story can be told in 5 seconds. It is this type of content that is the most powerful, most under-utilised, but the one that is craved the most by advertisers and viewers.

You only have to go over to YouTube to see how influential 5 second videos are. It is the advertisers job to draw the viewer in before you can skip the advert. Meaning they have a 5 second window to say make you watch more or client the ad, and that's it.

Our whole website provides digital content. This particular video isn't to showcase the client as such, in fact it's to show how simple digital content should be. Over the course of half a day with this client, we produced a 15 minute video based on his brief. This set up was a super small section of the shoot. However, we knew, for our own digital and social content it was this shot that would go out online for us.

We knew that because of the framing, the movement and the stylish set up those things created. We are a dynamic company, warm with people, forward thinking and digitally focused. This 10 seconds does just that in terms of telling you who we are and how we produce digital content. At least we think it is.

For clients, we share how to create the best type of content here. We can support you with this, or simply advise. The days are gone where a 5 minute video is the solution for your requirements. Simple and effective short clips paint a better picture, and massively out perform the long form content.

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