COVideo Strategy

Our COVideo Strategy isn't necessarily a new strategy that we are introducing, one that is established and fits the current situation very well.

As you can see on our website, video marketing and social video are key strategies we promote for our clients. The COVideo Strategy is exactly that to combat the restrictions on businesses and the public at the moment.

It is to put businesses mind frame towards the future, and to capitalise on the change and opportunity that is now forced upon us.

First of all, the above video is the introduction to the COVideo Strategy, with more detail found here -

During lockdown, many would say the world has stopped. Normal life has paused and people are forced to stay home and find new ways of entertaining themselves. For many businesses, closures have come with a risk  of minimal to no revenue. However, that isn't the case for all, as others are still able to sell products online or work remotely and continue with other parts of their business.

For businesses, advertising or utilising social media is an avenue they may have not looked into before, or even digital marketing. A COVideo Strategy keeps your business relevant to the online world, when your physical presence can't be reached. It means you can still sell products and advertise them to your audiences and it enables you to continue communicating to your customers.

A company that has a video strategy in place before lockdown would have banks of video content they could post during lockdown. They would have product videos ready to share and sell through the website and they would have the knowledge on how to post to their story themselves.

All of these things can be achieved with a COVideo Strategy, and will be a new way for businesses to operate in the future.

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