We wanted to create COVID Town in light of the pending lockdown in the UK. This was filmed before the lockdown came into place. The concept was to capture a normally busy town during the middle of the day that was in fact empty and a ghost town.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as empty as we hoped, but it still allowed us enough content to set the scene we intended. It was still eery. And unusual. An odd time for everyone. We just wanted to deliver a visual for this moment.

COVID Town came about with the global situation ever developing. It was clear that it was a moment in history. There are not many occasions where you can recall first hand what happened to you in those moments, and with this being one, we wanted to capture some form of visual for it. This is the outcome. Named "COVID Town" due to the emptiness of what would normally be a busy town centre.

As we scoped the parade, high street and main roads we came across many closed cafes and restaurants. Frustratingly though, there were many busy ones. What we shot with Jake Nash was purely to show the effects of COVID-19, and the impact on our local community.

Peering into restaurants that were open, but empty, and at closed or reduced hours signs was a stark reminder of the seriousness of what we are all going through. COVID Town is one that reminds you of films. We are living a film it feels like right now. In 20 years time when our kids ask us about coronavirus I will show them this video and tell them the story of how it affected us.

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