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Company overview videos are probably the most popular for businesses. They allow a window of content to be able to introduce their key ethos along with their services.

Over the years, the time of these have decreased in recommendations. Whilst some Video businesses will promote a 5 minute, 3 minute and still a 2 minute video, we know even less is better. We create adverts briefed for under 10 seconds. You'll be amazed how much of a story you can tell in that time. We push businesses to create their overview in under 1 minute, which Squab managed with us here.

The Company Overview was another great project with our partners and client at Squab Group. After the great video we created together for their Student Storage, there was another video they wanted producing. We both believed this would be best served as an animation.

Down to how much content an animation can squeeze into a short amount of time, and the longevity animations deliver, this brief seemed to fit perfectly. However, it wasn't easy getting to the sub 1 minute brief. We at YouNeek Productions were keen to ensure this timescale for the Company Overview project was met.

As you can imagine, most businesses want to talk about everything they do in as much detail as they can. It's like an elevator pitch. What can you say about yourself in a minimal amount of time? It needs to be sharp, succinct, memorable, but also accurate to your services. We shaped this in about 4 or 5 drafts as the scripting required a particular amount of words at a comfortable speed to work. We gave recommendations on what parts could be left out, and how the services flowed together.

As with any process like this, we all got to a stage where we were very happy with the content. From here, the rest was done by the animators. They delivered an animation that was as brilliant as expected from the outset. There was only one font amend, which in the grand scheme of things is minimal.

The key from this project was the collaboration we all had. Knowing we needed a sub 1 minute video was vital for shaping the script. Squab Group knew what they wanted included, but moulded it to work with our requirements. Also, knowing animation was better fitted than live action for this brief allowed more content that was visually appealing.

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