Company Anniversary

A company anniversary video was captured for Dafferns for their momentous 125th Anniversary. This wasn't the only video for this project, but it was the main one to broadcast at the end of 2021.

YouNeek Productions delivered months of preparation with Dafferns Marketing team to ensure content we were shooting would meet their requirements.

We have gone above and beyond in terms of the brief. We brought original ideas to the table, which really excited the Dafferns team.

It is worth sharing that Dafferns are an Accountants Firm. The public perception is that there is a stigma of "boring" accountants, which Dafferns highlighted themselves. Our job was to create videos and content that highlighted a different side to them. An interesting brief, but one we thrive in.

The company anniversary video was welcomed by the senior members at Dafferns. It received no feedback, which we were told was almost impossible due to the people involved normally being particular with creative content. However, we exceeded expectations here, and look to continue to deliver this level of quality for the remaining 5 videos.

A company anniversary, especially of 125 years is a very special moment. Many business don't make 3 years, let alone 125. Dafferns would like this video to be seen by as many people as possible, which we will be helping the marketing team with. This is another area we deliver expertise and support in - digital marketing knowledge.

Our relationship with Dafferns is due to grow further. We are really looking forward to delivering more exciting content for a great team.

Dafferns company anniversary logo

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