Code Students – Coventry

This video for Code Students was a collaborative project. It was filmed by ELO Film Productions in America and picked up for us to edit into a version suitable for Coventry. It was originally shot for Leicester, but with a new development upcoming for Code in Coventry, it needed to cover both locations.

A slightly different project for us to deliver, but one we felt worked incredibly well. If it wasn't for ELO Films, it may not have worked as well, but thankfully it did.

All footage was put together by ELO originally, our task was to cut it, change wording and graphics to make the video suitable for Coventry as opposed to Leicester. The brief was clear and concise, which made the job easier. Difficulties lay in getting the original fonts and graphics to add news ones.

We also added a section onto the front end as a live screen recording.

Code were very grateful for the speed of turnaround and will be looking for further projects to coincide with when the new Coventry development is ready.

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