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After completing a shoot for Jonathan Holland Architects we were able to get a few comments from him, one of which was a client recommendation. Jonathan gave us an honest bit of feedback. This turned into the perfect recommendation for what we at YouNeek Productions try to promote.

Within the series on our Recommendations page you will see our own list of videos concentrating on key topics. However, receiving client recommendations specifically, is valuable and great for us to share.

The way in which Jonathan wanted to use video was perhaps a little different from some of our other clients. Jonathan at Jonathan Holland Architects is someone who thrives off of meeting people and sharing his ideas and visions in person. However, with this project being overseas and not possible for the next stage to be completed in person, Jonathan had to be creative.

We were delighted to be introduced to this project. We were immediately able to bring new ideas to something they saw as being quite simple and one dimensional. For us it was an opportunity. Using video as a method of communicating a presentation on screen, we thought it was smart and a good opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Jonathan hadn't fully realised how much we could do editorially with his brief.

At the point of sharing this client recommendation, he hadn't seen anything done in the edit. His comments were based purely on the pre-production and production of the project. He speaks about how useful video is for him. It was important for Jonathan to get across his message and thoughts in a situation where he wouldn't normally be able to.

Something else he mentioned and was telling was about using skilled professionals. It's one thing to use video. But another to maximise it in the right way. Jonathan Holland Architects definitely got to see this value. You can see how happy they were with their full review.

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