Business Intro Ident

Creating a business intro ident was a part of the project we completed with Nicholas and Persyou. However, it has importance for now and in the future for the brand and how they are perceived.

YouNeek Productions and Persyou had been talking for a while about video production and what would work for the brand. It started as Nicholas had his own Podcast series and was looking to pull content from those episodes.

After sitting with us and understanding how much more we could deliver, the agreement was to cover his book launch event and create a business intro ident. Primarily to be used on his website homepage, but as an ident for all future content Persyou create.

For Persyou, we covered a book launch with a promotional video along with photography. Nicholas was keen to add more action shots of his speaking events, behind the scenes and candid approach. This suited us perfectly.

Persyou podcast photo for business intro

This project was a collaborative approach. We needed to be flexible on what Nicholas wanted, but also on the dates he was looking to deliver his book launch on. We guided him towards having a business intro as part of the content we were looking to create. It makes sense once there are cameras on an event that we maximise the type of content we produce. With our digital marketing expertise we know which clips and content work across a website or with a brands advertising.

Business intro photo

The business intro ident produced here works on the homepage because it is a visually appealing introduction to Nicholas as a person, he delivers speaking events, they have a podcast, a book and a feeling of warmth and approachability from Nicholas and Persyou. These elements are done on purpose. The business intro can be used as a standalone on social media channels, as an introduction before each podcast episode and as an intro for all future long form content.

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