Budget Allocation

Allocating your marketing budget is an ongoing task. In our fifth recommendation video we’re looking at when, how and why video content should be on the agenda.

Allocating your budget is an ongoing task. Normally you will have prioritised what and where you need your money to go. Revenue and profits need to maintain and grow, but in the years of 2020 and 2021 that might look a lot different.

Budget allocation done from the outset should now be including video production and content a lot sooner than it's been before.

Talking about budget is one of them things no one likes to do, but here we have tackled it head on. Budget allocation is always an important moment to dictate your activity for the rest of the year. Video production needs to be a part of that conversation earlier.

With all marketing activity, there's certain things you can't go without. A website. Social media presence. Advertising. Video. All of these things tie together really nicely. They lend to each other really well as well. What goes on the website is then often shared on social media as an update or a link. Video goes across all of these areas. This needs to be reflected in the budget allocation.

By creating a few videos, across one day of filming at a cost of £1500 for example, you may have 5 short videos. £300 each for the sake of a budget breakdown.

Those videos don't need to be posted at the same time on every channel. However if they were videos about products or services you will want them on the website pages as soon as possible. So they go online and they're in use immediately.

Over the coming weeks, the videos can be posted on social media channels you use including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Spreading them out is wise, as you don't want to over populate your feed too soon. Then when the right time comes around, that same video content can be used against the advertising plans you have. They all link, and for advertising in particular, a video holds much more weight for a strong performing campaign as you will see here.

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