Behind The Scenes

We like to provide behind the scenes videos for as many projects as we can. However, it's not always easy when with a smaller crew. This time round we had enough to capture some content of us.

Behind the scenes are great to do because it allows customers and prospective customers to see how we operate on set as a team and with the client.

We can also use the edit to try some new techniques on the footage captured that may have been different from the brief on the day. For this one, Jacob filmed and edited this behind the scenes. He was a part of the crew for the awards ceremony event.

With our behind the scenes content, it's a calling card. We create it the same way we do with social media content. We want to be seen and understood in a certain way, but doing it in our natural working environment is the most realistic insight we can give.Behind the scenes YouNeek Productions crew

A social media post may be posed for, or you pick and choose out of many quotes, filters and pictures taken. The shots of us working together, our equipment, how we're set up, our interaction with each other and the client are there for all to see. Of course there are some shots that can't be used for reasons. What is used is still authentic and natural.

Along with this, the music we use is always key to a behind the scenes video. It needs to invoke our style, excitement and atmosphere. Jacob nailed this. Music for YouNeek Productions is important.

When shooting B roll it does give a great opportunity to find candid frames and shots the client may not expect of you. It is essentially all B roll footage. Using more of the crew, or over their shoulder to see the shots from another step back. It is another form of insight into how we work and what we're like as people when in our working environment. We hope you enjoy it and it gives you a good indication of how much you would enjoy working with YouNeek Productions.

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