Bangalee – Children’s Programme Development

Back with Squab Group, an early requirement was to portray their training facilities within a training video. Unlike many of Squab's competitors, Squab Group boast a purpose built training house suited for all their internal training.

A video was built around this to show off those facilities, highlight how much training they give their staff and a look into what staff might expect if applying to work for Squab Group. This was all encapsulated within a 1 minute 30 seconds training video.

Many Storage and Removals companies, like many industries are behind in terms of advertising their facilities. Squab Group are one of the largest within the West Midlands and have the scope and scale to showcase this.

With the forward thinking teams at Squab Group, they knew one of the best assets they had was their Training House. To date, no one else outside of themselves would know about it. They wanted this to change by utilising a training video with as many elements of what they offer in training staff as possible.

The brief altered and changed as we went from filming to first draft with our recommendations. Originally, the plan was to use a voiceover with a script supplied from Squab talking through the training facilities. However, on delivery of the training video's first draft, which had a background track on it was clear this method would work.

Squab could see the background music added to the visuals that didn't actually need explaining. Through our advice since working with them as well, they knew the effect of no sound on social media. If there was important audio, the chances of this being listened to on social platforms especially would be quite low. What you see now works for Squab Group.

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