Awards Ceremony Event

This Awards Ceremony Event for The AA and NEC Group was prestigious, classy and well organised. We were brought in to capture highlight packages of the night along with a short interview for each award winner on the night.

On the night we had so much fun and enjoyment within the event, partly due to the celebratory atmosphere. However, it was also down to how well we had planned the awards ceremony event ourselves. Our planning was meticulous, meaning the night had a plan to follow and so did the crew. This set the tone.

From there the edit was all about time. We had 24 hours to deliver the first highlight video, which we did with no feedback. The remaining videos were delivered all within a week. All 16 of them. Proud.

The awards ceremony event came to us only a couple of weeks before the date of the event. We weren't blessed with time, but we came through with a proposal and structure that really worked for The NEC Group and The AA.

We were providing a crew of a Director, two videographers and a photographer. Photography was important for The AA during the awards ceremony event as they wanted to make sure every winner had their photo on stage. Awards ceremony event winnersWe had one videographer stationed for the interviews once they came off stage, and another covering the stage and audience for winners reactions and B roll.

This tactic worked really well as you can see by the footage we captured. There was a point in the evening where a part of the plan was missed - where someone from The AA was supposed to guide the winners to us for their interview. This meant 4 winner interviews hadn't been filmed. This is where our "going above and beyond" stepped in. It was part of the brief, so we wanted to deliver everything on it. We searched out the missing winners and brought them over in between courses to make sure they were captured and the event organisers weren't stressed or running about. This went a long way for The AA and The NEC Group.

The awards ceremony event was attended by 450+ people, so it was a large scale event. We are so proud of what we delivered and the speed we delivered it in. The first video turned around in 24 hours, with the next 16 videos being within a week. Big thank you to our crew and the team involved.

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