Audi Sport Showcase Event

Filmed on the same day as the Audi Q7 video we were actually there as a part of the Audi Sports Showcase Event and filming the day in full. It was a brilliant day and was done with two cameramen with three different pieces of filming equipment to ensure we did the best job possible on the day.

We used a Sony NXR broadcast camera, Canon D5 and a Go Pro throughout the day. It won’t be hard to notice the Go Pro shots as we attached them to the RS models that were going to be test driven on the day. Sinclair Audi had a professional driver on the day and he did not disappoint when driving the beautifully crafted RS models. This enabled us to get some brilliant footage from the Go Pro and it entwined unbelievably well with the storyline we were looking to create. Not just in the visual, but also in the raw sound the engines were creating.

Between the two cameras though we captured the beauty of the location, natural interaction between customer and staff, the draw of the Audi models on offer and also a personal account of customers experiences of the day.

The day looked like an all round success and in our point of view it definitely was as well. Knowing what we wanted to achieve from the shoot meant that the edit was a lot easier. We suggested getting some original music made, which we organised to avoid any copyright issues down the line.

A piece, start to finish managed and produced by YouNeek Productions that we are extremely proud of.

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