The Project

We have organised this project as a 2 day shoot with the Architects and their structure. The first day was set up to show the 'in progress' element of the work done on the structure so far.

Within this, we needed to encapsulate all of the moving parts architects need to deal with such as the teams putting up the structure, teams putting the fabric over, the weather, the foundations. All with the power of video.

The second day filming will be of the completed structure with people using the space and features it has added to the area.


While the brief was kept largely open, we knew we had to deliver content that their customers would look at and understand their process, whilst being wowed. As architects, it is all about the look and the finish that showcases what they've designed. This day filming was to show the part before, the behind the scenes of it all.


To do this, we knew drone footage would play a huge factor in giving the grand scope of the project. This particular clip is purely of drone, and used as a social media snippet for them.

On the day we also utilised an on the ground videographer for close ups, shots of the team and the audio and visuals for an interview. There was a lot of health and safety to be aware of as you can imagine with architects. This meant the drone was carefully directed around moving machinery and other structures that were being worked on at the same time.


Editorially, this project for the architects has been very enjoyable. Speeding up and slowing down certain shots give nice variety. With so much aerial footage it always delivers maximum impact of the great work the architects have done in designing such impressive structures.

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