2021 Showreel – To Date

2021 Showreel - To Date

Our 2021 Showreel to date comes alongside our brand new animated branding. Both of which give us a huge sense of pride and excitement.

So far this year we have completed a record breaking amount of projects with a range of clients. These include clients from removals and storage, restaurants and bars, live events, weddings, health and wellbeing, architects and other social and digital videos for corporate businesses.

So pretty much everything! We've loved it, and want to share it with you all.

Within this 2021 showreel we showcase our new animated branding for the first time within a project. Shots are then selected from our work with Magenta Storage, IndyLeam, Barbers of Warwick, Emotionally Connected and Jonathan Holland Architects.

COVID-19 has had such a huge affect on everyone's lives. Huge change has come about with one of those being the usage of video by businesses.

You'll see from our history of blogs and case studies that we've obviously been supporting and promoting businesses increasing the amount of video they produce. The trigger point for many though was the lockdowns. Moving into 2020, many businesses were unable to survive. One's that not only survived, but thrived were able to pivot their revenue to digital sales rather than physical sales.

A part of this strategy included video. Showing customers how to follow a new journey, educating them, producing content to coincide with their new strategy. That's what we had found.

As we came into 2021 it had almost become a staple part of people's conversations when talking about their marketing strategy for the future. You can see from our 2021 showreel the amount of production we've been able to do for small and medium businesses. All of which have seen a great impact for their businesses.

Going forward, we expect video to be at the top of the marketing priority and budget lists. It entwines with all other components seamlessly. Our 2021 showreel to date shows you what can be done, and what you can do with video.

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