Music’s importance in Video

With beautiful shots and a story told with visuals, music is essential for directing a viewers mood and feeling. Whilst we don’t create our own tracks we know how important it is to get this absolutely spot on for the video our customers are looking for.

With difficulties surrounding customers expecting to be able to use a popular song with ease, we nurture our clients to understand the cost implications and copyrighting restraints of using these types of songs. This is why we strongly recommend getting their own unique style of music created just for them.

We have partnered with WM Sync to do just this. So far, so good. We are getting playlists created for each of our clients now, allowing them to choose a selection of tracks that they have briefed for us. It enables us to focus on the production of the video and use music production experts to create the ideal music for our clients.

We would always suggest having a look at getting your own original music created for your video and your company as you can use and re-use this in other forms of marketing as much as you want. Allow YouNeek Productions to organise this for you and take another element of your video production off your mind.

With this produced by experts and the visuals, editing and storyboard of your video finished exactly how you want. Combined with our own creative flair thrown in we are sure you will have the perfect video to showcase your business.