YouNeek Music Picks #2

YouNeek Music Picks – Hannah Woof

Discover which brand new artist you should be listening to or buying tickets to see live.

The music industry can feel like a large, daunting place for anyone, whether you’re a music fanatic, a regular listener or a total stranger to music that isn’t the charts. However, if you’re a video fan then you need to keep up to date with what’s going in the industry. There are thousands of talented rising stars up and down the country but at YouNeek Productions, we’ve picked one close to home that’s caught our eye. Here at YouNeek Productions as you can tell; we enjoy keeping our ears open to the music world but our interests mainly lie with stars yet to hit the dizzy heights of fame. Music pick 2 is a special one, step forward local singer-songwriter, Hannah Woof.

So this is part 2 of our music segment, in which we talk about an artist that has grabbed our attention or we just couldn’t get out of our head and 18-year-old Hannah is no exception to that. With a touch of Adele and Eliza Doolittle in her sound, this Leamington Spa based artist puts a sharp, emotional, yet joyous twist on soulful pop-ballads. After studying Music Performance and Production at Warwickshire college, Hannah M Woof has no doubt taken 2017 with both hands by gigging to sold-out crowds, releasing her first EP: Sleepless Nights in May which features six beautifully written songs full of soul and her passionate, quirky sound; but no doubt her biggest achievement of the year has been Huw Stephens playing her music on his Radio 1 show.

I have been lucky enough to witness Hannah lovingly entertain her crowd with her humble yet witty charm on a number of occasions, first at the Zephyr Lounge and secondly as she performed to a sold-out crowd at Victoria Hall for a very intimate and raw gig. Hannah’s voice electrified the show and stole the imagination of the audience with her own emotional words but also with a brilliant cover of Paulo Nutini’s ‘Jenny don’t be hasty’ which prompted an encore no doubt. Both events were a steal being priced at £10 a ticket to enjoy this star make her name on the scene, I found myself baffled that I’d managed to slip into an enthusiastic crowd all captivated by Hannah’s voice for such a small price and even checked the ticket for a mistake the first time.

It is evident Hannah has a love for music after studying it’s production at college and then going on to stamp her name into the underground world within the category of blue-eyed soul. She is honest, passionate, witty and creates hypnotisingly captivating melodies that can be both enjoyed by the family on a long car trip or used to nurse your latest heartbreak as you plunge your spoon into a tub of your favourite ice-cream as you watch Bridget Jones through teary eyes.

The young star’s talent is ever present in all of her work, not producing a disappointing track to date.
Being raised locally to Leamington Spa means we have a very talented artist on our doorstep in Hannah, let’s hope her ever-growing fan base continues to grow as her career gains traction. Us at YouNeek Productions certainly hope Hannah’s hard work, love of music and battle to make it to where she is to date in the industry only helps her to fulfill her potential.

We hope to maybe one day have the pleasure of working with Hannah and combining both of our talents for a music video or promo campaign but until then If you would like to discover some of Hannah’s productions, follow her official Facebook page or check out her Youtube Channel for her original music but also unique covers of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Imagine Dragons. If you become a fan like us and feel you want more of Hannah then feel free to buy her EP on Itunes or listen to all her releases on the go using Spotify.

All the best from us here at YouNeek Productions, make sure to check us out regularly to see our latest work or stay with our blogs.

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By Joe Hassett.