How Video works better for your customers

You may hear us banging on about video, use video, video does this and video does that, but this blog will tell you how video works better for your customers. Concentrating on the ‘your‘ part.

Whatever your business, you will offer a product or a service. It will be guaranteed that someone who enters your website or physical location won’t know exactly what it is you offer. Whilst your brilliant sales people can help explain this to them in person, it’s not always so easy to communicate this on your website. Flat pages of text are easy to create, but how do we really know that the copy is appealing, or selling your product/service. Whilst copywriting can help with this, many of the people viewing your website will find it much more appealing to view a video with that information on. Few of the reasons why we’ve jotted down below:

  1. Many of us are visual learners
  2. Watching a video is easier to remember and easier to pause or watch again
  3. Watching a video is more manageable then reading a page of text
  4. If the video is good, it’s easy to share

Videos don’t need to be 3 minutes plus. A short 30 seconds to a minute will suffice. Sharing the knowledge you want people to know in bullet form and in a creative, memorable way will go much further than a few paragraphs of text. They do say a picture speaks 1000 words…so what must a video say? An example of this is below. In fact I wonder how many people will actually read what I’m about to write and just go straight to the video?

Well the video is to promote an event for a Car Dealership in London. It is over 1 weekend and they are placing this video we created for them on their website and as a predominant part of their email to go out to their database. The event is summed up in the email and on the website, but we wanted to use a video to show the affect this would have on click through rate on the email in particular. Take a look at the video on this page to see how we did it, and let us know if you think it would work. We think we will see some very positive stats from this and aim to share them.

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