House Buying Process

In the collation of videos below we thought we’d give you something, for nothing. Quite simply, it is a collage of tip/advice videos made to assist you with your house buying process. Something you’d all agree as very important for when that moment may come. You can never be too equipped with information before entering those confusing conversations and situations, especially if like us you can only feel prepared if you know what you’re talking about. Watch the videos below and we hope you’ll be better advised on your house buying process and avoid making costly mistakes.

The reason we decided to do this was simple. We were going through the process. As a first time buyer it was an absolute minefield of terminology, phrases and processes we weren’t aware of. We’re lucky in the fact we have someone in the family who is a Mortgage Adviser so as we were finding out nuggets of information we thought how crucial this is to make. We were aware how many people probably wouldn’t get someone telling them some cold hard truths in preparation of buying a house and could instead be lead down wrong paths for huge decisions they weren’t fully informed on.

So despite not being an expert personally, we felt we were equipped with basic points of what was important and should be prioritised in the house buying process. Being a ‘normal’ person we thought we should share our findings in normal speak as short videos and see if others can find use of what we found. This is what we believe part of the problem of understanding house buying. It’s not something you’re taught, and can seem daunting when you can’t make sense of it. Let our videos help make this easier and guide you through.

We’ve split them up to make them shorter and sweeter as a 10 minute video would bore you and could be deemed ineffective. So of course, find which ones that are relevant to you and share where you can.

Good luck with your very own house purchase!