Facebook Video Ads. Will they work?

So in our recently published blog in looking at Video trends for 2014 we touched on Facebook Video Ads and the effect this might have on the Social and Video markets. Initially, thoughts were negatively, but in retrospect when thinking of trends and the future of Digital it is actually very exciting. As we are such nice people at YouNeek Productions we have listed the Negative and Positive effects below. With these, your Business can decide if this route should be taken. If so, it should probably be someone like us creating the content as we can really maximise your reach on Facebook through Video.


  1. Normal users of Facebook will now face advertisers’ videos in there News feed. They will scroll past their best friend, their Mum, old school friend and then an advertisers video. That is probably not what Facebookers want to see on their News feed
  2. These Facebook Video ads will Autoplay. Once you scroll past one or come across it, the video will begin playing, albeit in silence. If we were on Facebook nosing around and not who we are, we would find this feature very very irritating
  3. Normal Facebook users don’t enjoy the Ads on the side and very rarely use them. Why will Video ads be any less annoying or useful to them?


  1. If done in a creative, unique, stand out way an Advertisers’ video could be seen and shared by millions of people
  2. It allows the Video makers to do something new and specific to maximise their reach
  3. There are two set ups to the video, an initial playback (short) and a further playback when clicked (longer) so Video makers will need to make two versions. One to capture the viewer, the other to sell the product. Exciting!
  4. YouTube ads work well because of how they’re targeted. Facebook ads are also as successful as Google ads cinema box app and with the Video incorporation could become an even more popular place for marketeers to advertise
  5. Videos capture imagination a lot better and easier than words. If it’s short and of interest to someone, chances are they will view it. Make sure they are viewing your content!

We hope that summarises it up well for you. It’s definitely a subject that splits people’s opinions, but the inevitable is going to happen and only then will we really know how it’s going to play out. Personally, we are excited and would like to be a part of it. It will surely give greater need for Business to use Videos on their site and then on Social Media. A no brainer? We think so.

Let us know if your Business is aware of these changes and if you are going to try it out when introduced. If considering it – consider YouNeek Productions.