Email Templates with Video – Case Study

On the 11th March our client sent out their first set of email templates with video promoting their ‘Big Event’ starting on the 14th March. Within this email, we recommended using a short video ( in the email template that would essentially share the same information that the email would, but would hopefully encourage increased click throughs and interaction. The Video was filmed by us and was in a simple setting with relevant background details and positive salesman speaking. The emails were sent out on the 11th and 14th March. The results found from this are below:

Over the course of the week it generated:

  • 653 pageviews
  • 486 unique pageviews
  • 2.11 minutes average page duration
  • 3.68% of total traffic

All of these visits can be considered as New Visits. As without this email or page, the visit would not have been made. The stats from the email are below:

With Video Last Friday 20.65% 10.05%
With Video Last Friday 22.32% 9.34%
With Video Last Friday 19.53% 9.46%
With Video Last Friday 21.30% 10.05%
With Video Last Friday 19.50% 12.01%
With Video Last Friday 21.66% 11.04%
With Video A Week Ago 23.82% 16.94%
With Video A Week Ago 22.29% 17.61%
With Video A Week Ago 28.21% 16.67%
With Video A Week Ago 23.69% 17.17%
With Video A Week Ago 21.86% 15.40%
With Video A Week Ago 26.30% 19.33%
Compared to    
Without Video 21-Feb 22.92% 6.31%
Without Video 21-Feb 26.80% 6.72%
Without Video 21-Feb 24.32% 6.54%
Without Video 21-Feb 27.13% 7.84%
Without Video 21-Feb 33.33% 11.54%
Without Video 21-Feb 23.96% 3.85%
Without Video 19-Feb 35.78% 8.97%

The video was placed in a prominent place in the email template and clearly enticed people to click and watch on the website. This also then gets customers onto the website, which of course is another big aim. In comparison there are a lot of differences. All positive though. The email template with has a substantially larger click through rate than without. We weren’t aiming to improve the open rate, but with this already good and similar for both sets of data, it was important for the click through rate to increase with a video.

Even if there’s plenty of preoccupation and sexual pressure in the first place, all it requires is just a few incorrect preferences to break apart. For a partnership to achieve success, the spouses can have different preferences.

The click through rate stats shown are very high, and should set an example for future email campaigns. No matter how interesting the copy might be, some people will just not read it. Give them something interesting to do, let them watch a short video and learn about it that way. It’s a whole lot less boring than reading 3 paragraphs that aren’t sinking in.

What this tells us?

We think it’s quite obvious what these results tell us. Put a short, simple video on your email templates. It doesn’t have to be for all of them. Campaigns for Big Events are great, and probably ones that you are sending to large databases. As these stats show us, it improves click throughs, visits to website, activity on website and event awareness.

Think an email template with video is what your Business needs? Please contact us if you want us to do this for you and provide the same results as Now Vauxhall have received.