Case Study

This Case Study wasn’t one we were particularly aiming to use, but with the way their Business has grown and they have embraced Video we thought their stats are probably worth sharing as further reasons to point other Businesses in the direction of Video Marketing.

Now unfortunately, we can’t share the name of the company as the stats were acquired from their Digital Marketing agency. They are a Car Dealer based in London and until this project were like any other Car Dealer thinking that all their footfall came through the front doors. The assumption that when their salesmen sold a car it was down to their wit, charm and skills not the fact that customer has been searching for the last 6 months online and your website had the best price plus was closest to them. It takes time to teach Businesses who are successful in their traditional ways that there is actually so much more potential out there. Car Dealers are one of those Businesses where people will always have to visit. The market may fluctuate, but we will all need a car at some point. So with these things aligned, how is it best to go after all that online reach looking for their next car.

  • Responsive Website
  • Simple navigation
  • Great prices and deals
  • Adwords
  • Video Marketing

Each area holds as much importance as the other, but the one we will concentrate on is the latter – Video Marketing. They released a host of Videos. Varying from:

  • ‘How To’ videos
  • Company Overview
  • Used Car videos
  • Customer Testimonials

On January 6th their Video section was released and for the rest of January it attracted:

  1. 595 pageviews
  2. 355 visitors
  3. Site visit duration is up 14% compared to the same period last year

All these small components are essential to a Business growing. It’s a part of Content Marketing. If you give them more, they will trust you. People buy from people they trust. Fact. What’s good about this client is that they aren’t stopping there. They are continuing to film all their Used car stock, and are using videos in Email Marketing and developing new videos. The above are some small stats to whet your appetite for an already successful Business furthering their Digital prominence with Video Marketing and essentially seeing the benefit of it. Get Videos onto your site and watch your Business go in the same direction!

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