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A Mental Health project that can change the world

Let’s Talk, a mental health project allowing men to talk about their feelings

A mental health project and concept of men talking about their feelings, and being vulnerable is one YouNeek Productions and Emotionally Connected are exploring through Let’s Talk.

What is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk is a safe environment where a group of men of similar ages meet a clinical therapist to discuss and support each other with their own mental health issues. All the participants have volunteered to join the group discussions. Each of them have their own stories and experiences that they are looking to understand, accept and grow from.

These men do not know each other personally, but they all share the desire of wanting to improve their own mental health by being able to be open about their feelings and in doing so help each other in the process.

Let's Talk group of men

What topics are discussed?

There’s no limit to what the guys want to discuss and bring to the table. It is a free flowing conversation that allows for regular questions and feedback from Dr Suzanne Brown. Theories and concepts are introduced to help the men decipher what they’re feeling, saying and thinking. Each episode shows a level of growth for the men and you can really see the lightening of each of them. Each individual has their own story to share. This will be done with a focus of that person in each episode. The topics that will come up throughout the series are addiction, racism, miscarriage, parenting, family, suicide amongst many other smaller threads.

How is it being Produced?

Firstly, and most importantly, the individuals know the reasons behind why we’re filming and where it will go down the line. It was vital we were transparent in this so that they could solely concentrate on being authentic and honest. All of them want to put themselves in a vulnerable position in order to help others. That alone is powerful.

We are producing it in the most natural way we possibly can. The guys need to feel comfortable and unaware of the cameras if they possibly can. This was a big factor in the choice of location, lighting and seating arrangement. It is warmly lit, half open circle and in an environment that feels homely, but with a good energy and greenery around.

There are two main cameras covering the content, with a mobile handheld camera picking up other close ups and reactions. Behind this immediate line of camera operation we have utilised a sound recordist, photographer, production assistant, content creator and hair and make up artist. All of the production team are warm, friendly and carefully selected and briefed to make the guys feel at ease.

Let's talk crew

The participants have never done anything like this.

It is worth sharing, that due to the content that comes up, YouNeek Productions and Emotionally Connected offer post production support for the crew to digest and talk about their own emotions that might have stirred up during the sessions. It’s crucial everyone is checked in on and able to have their opportunity to reflect themselves.

What’s next?

We will be producing 8 sessions. These will equate to roughly 24 episodes in total. The immediate plan is to complete these by the summer, have them all edited and available on YouTube. We’ve toyed with opportunities that could open up with this project, but at the heart of it we just want to look after these 6 volunteers. Anything after that will be a bonus.

So we aim to complete an Introduction session, followed by a session that each participant will lead and focus on ending with a reflection session to act as closure on the project. We will ensure everyone feels content in themselves, have the chance to look at their journey and feel like they have grown and/or are in a good place.

Let's Talk creators

Once the first series is closed, we will look at things in more detail.

We know this has huge potential. For it to have an impact, it needs to be seen by as many people as possible, so that is the aim. However we are able to do that.

Who knows, you could see it on one of your favourite streaming channels in the future.

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