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Storage Facility | Promotional videos

Storage Facility | Promotional videos


The brief was to create multiple promotional videos. Very simple, and great for us as we were able to provide recommendations for what was included in these promotional videos. We were required to capture content to coincide with a brand new storage facility opening in London. We needed to supply imagery, drone footage and the production to produce 6 short videos and all necessary images.

We could do all of this over 2 days to fit with a working environment and staffs schedules. This type of project is great because the client is able to build up a bank of content from a couple of days filming. Enough to last them 6 months.

An image of the Magenta Self Store building
An image of the Magenta Self Store team members outside An image of the Magenta Self Store reception area An image of a Magenta padlock An image of the Magenta Self Store building An image of Magenta Self Store loading area


For the promotional videos we knew we had to produce short, snappy and memorable clips to bring engagement. It was different for this industry, but they wanted to be leading in it. For the first day of filming we had a crew of a Directors, Camera Operator, Drone Operator and Photographer. The reason for this was was to ensure maximum safety for the drone flight by positioning a Director with them. The camera operator worked alongside the photographer throughout the premises. There was plenty to capture and getting as much as we could done on the first day was important.

The 2nd day only required a Director and Camera Operator, but this was predominantly to pick up B roll, staff and customer interactions plus organised delivery and drop offs to provide the content as being a working environment. The filming days went smoothly due to the organisation and planning we had done. We knew what we wanted to do in the edit and that we’d captured the footage to enable us to do this.

An image of the Magenta Self Store team members An image of the front reception area of Magenta Self Store
An image of the Magenta Self Store website


We produced 6 promotional videos as the outcome plus 100+ images that could be used for individual web pages showing all sides of their business. The client was extremely happy with all of the content they received. We provided content that was different for their industry, which is what they wanted. It had personality, colour, life and it brought about their personalities really well. Feedback was minimal, but as we were provided the videos one by one we knew we were delivering content that went beyond their expectation.


Working with YouNeek Productions was easy, professional and most of all great value! Their consultative nature meant that they were always on hand to help out with all and any questions I had and as a team onsite, they made our customer, Magenta Self Storage feel relaxed through out the shoot.

Producing 6 videos and a wide range of images, Luke and Richard went above and beyond when delivering the project meaning we have a fantastic portfolio of content to use across our social platforms and website for many years to come.

I can’t speak highly enough of YouNeek Productions! Well deserving of 5 stars!

Emma Knight
Marketing Manager, This is Engage
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