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SP1 Design | Content and Interview

SP1 Design | Content and Interview


The team at SP1 Design had a requirement to produce content and an interview for their new website, which is coming soon. Originally, their thoughts were only to produce one two minute video suitable for their website and other formats to showcase what they do.

However, from the first meeting with us and hearing our experience and advise that brief soon changed. Whilst we would likely require the best part of a day, we knew we could capture enough content to produce multiple videos. Looking broader at content and an interview we looked into what pages were going on their new website, and what would look good with it.

From this initial meeting we had agreed on producing 5 videos for them. An interview, a video per service (3 of them) and an overview of all suitable for their homepage.


The content for this shoot was brilliant. Really aesthetically pleasing to capture from our point of view. We started with the interview as that was the longer form piece and something we always know cracking in the morning gets the day off to a good start. With SP1 Design having a good space for their workshop we knew we wanted to set it up in here. Utilising their impressive equipment as foreground, branding in the background, but also not afraid to use our lighting as part of the framing.

Once the cameras were rolling the content came easily. Shooting some in 50fps allowed for slow motion in the post production. Especially with drilling and milling and shaving of the clay models. Things we knew in advance would lend itself to 4K, 50fps.

Moving into the afternoon we were able to pick up all of the processes the team goes through when delivering their services. This was mixed from the workshop to the design elements in the office. SP1 Design also had some special characters that wanted featuring. We kept ourselves flexible for this and everyone was happy with the dogs inclusion in the final edit.


The editing process was so enjoyable on this one. We knew exactly what we wanted and the client knew we understood their vision. That made for sign offs on what we produced very simple. Most of which were signed off on first draft. A Production companies dream. Music played a big part in making the content pop so the research that went into that was important. The interview is an agreed longer form content, but is produced this way to allow customers know more about them on a personal level. Rather than be used for direct marketing.

All teams are very happy with the work completed and the content and interview production.

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