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Robafoam | Process flow animation

Robafoam | Process flow animation


Our brief from Robafoam was to produce an updated animation of their process flow so they could use to show their clients and prospects when explaining their system. It fitted animation perfectly. The process flow was complex so needed simplifying, which animation would be able to do.

Robafoam trusted our ideas, previous animation work and understanding of the brief so commissioned us to modernise the video they already had.

To follow the modernisation theme, we had all of their new branding to add and keep throughout the video.


As part of an animation project, we always provide a static visual storyboard. This is to allow for feedback and amends before we move into the trickier part, the animation. For a process flow animation, we had clear steps for how the video was pieced together. What we brought to it was ideas for smooth transitions, text, visual flow between each scene and to use 2D animation, rather than 3D.

We were able to showcase the 2D concept through our previous process flow animation work with Squab Group. Robafoam really liked this and agreed to follow this style for their process flow animation.

The storyboard was signed off, which you can see some of the images of as part of this case study. From here, we set a clear pathway for deadlines for both the animator, us for feedback and the client for feedback. To do this we work backwards from the clients original deadline. With this project, we hit every deadline.


The process flow was followed in the storyboard and this translated beautifully into the full animation. The only feedback received was to slow it down slightly and to utilise some different movements within the detail. Elements we were fully appreciating to keep it in line with the process itself.

The final video is just shy of 2 minutes, which was reduced by 1 minute from their older version. Something they were keen to do. We delivered a version with and without music as at times they would need both versions when presenting or using.

The branding colours are vibrant and stay with the animation from start to finish. The flow between seems is seamless and fits with the movement of the animation. Captions add to the information that would be shared when presenting, but also help explain the process if the video was watched in isolation.

A really strong animation was produced here, and we’re delighted the client is happy and ready to use it immediately.

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