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POWERbreathe | Product Demos

POWERbreathe | Product Demos


Working with POWERbreathe on their product demos has been great, but not where the conversation originally started. We spent a lot of time strategising their marketing plan and what content would best fit those plans.

POWERbreathe have a lot of products, but many of the videos produced to date were very old and needed modernising. We were happy to take this on initially and get started on a long-lasting relationship. It’s important that the Marketing team and ourselves are aligned on projects like this. We want to provide content that brings value to marketing and the business, not just as a novelty.

As the brief progressed, the day of filming was planned to cover product demos and a testimonial. How exactly we did that follows in this case study. This was the start of much more content, ideas and a great working relationship.


The Product demos were to follow a script as there were many elements that had to be factually correct, with specific wording. Firstly, a member of their team was suggested for presenting, but we advised against this. Despite them knowing the product inside and out, delivering it on camera is much different. For this reason we suggested all product demos were delivered by our professional presenter. Poppy also happened to be someone who has had breathing issues, so was really interested in the product and was able to use it for a testimonial case study as seen on the below video.

Having this agreed, we chose a studio location for filming allowing a stylish feel to the aesthetic. POWERbreathe were impressed and happy to go with this. Due to the scripts technicalities, and trying to film them all in one day, we went with utilising a teleprompter for the shoot. This worked amazingly.

Poppy is of TV quality and very professional, but having this in use to support with speed and not having to memorise every detail was essential to the shoot running smoothly.

On the day of filming, we had a Director leading the visuals and ensuring the camera operator was following the vision we had agreed with the client. We also had our Operations/Production Manager there. She was able to crosscheck the scripts with the client ensuring all of the details were correct and delivered in the right way. This was required regularly, so it was helpful for the efficiency on the day.

Alongside the filming crew, we had a photographer capturing “in use” shots of the product. Individual and group shots were captured too. We’ve seen plenty of these images on their website and social media since.


The outcome of the solutions we applied for the product demos was great. In terms of what you see of the completed product demos it looks professional, clean and simplified. Editorially, captions and graphics have been added. Split screens also added for an extra dimension for the viewer.

The videos will be used predominantly on YouTube and at Events, which they were during a Global Event POWERbreathe attended in September. They gained many positive feedback comments too.

We achieved all of the 10 planned videos providing product demo content, and an invaluable testimonial.

We went above and beyond in finding the right presenter, who also was able to give a testimonial. POWERbreathe did not expect this input from us, but having that ability along with the full crew and studio made their life much easier in allowing us to deliver their brief.

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