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Persyou | Branding content

Persyou | Branding content

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With Nick at Persyou we’ve been working together in building up a variety of branding content to support their online strategy. This has been done over multiple events, different days of filming and plenty of planning. This particular shoot was briefed to follow him on one of his Education Training sessions with a team of teaching professionals. Within this day we were going to be capturing photos and footage in a “fly on the wall” approach showing off Nick’s natural style. The photos were to do the same, but also capturing a range of behind the scenes and some photos that elude to Persyou providing International Training as well.

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An image of Persyou team member laughing at a presentation An image of Persyou team member presenting An image of the Persyou photoshoot image An image of Persyou team member at a presentation An image of Persyou team member


For the best branding content we really had to capture Nick at his most natural, in his natural work environment. The rest was all about timing and ensuring we were telling the best story with the images we were taking. Throughout the day we didn’t “set up” any of the internal shots, we just worked around the agenda he had. We then worked through the video testimonials where the photographer worked from a few steps back, being able to see it all from a different perspective. The set up shots were ones specifically asked for as headshots and pictures to portray an International element. From one day of filming we continued to gather plenty more branding content for now and the future.

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A huge amount of photos were edited and delivered for Persyou. Enough to last a long time. They gave off Nick’s personality, style and approach to training in Education. Alongside these photos we have continued to build up content for Persyou’s videos. From this day we had an overview of Peryou’s training and 6 testimonials. Persyou will be using these for their website, marketing material and other digital assets. You can see the variety of these within this case study.

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