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Nimbus | Customer Personas

Nimbus | Customer Personas


Customer personas were always high on the agenda for Nimbus when working with us. Our work with them has been over most of 2023. It’s included a variety of content from testimonials, stock footage editing, animation and event coverage. This day of filming was set up to capture important customer personas to fit their new website launch.

In addition, the day was set up to capture webinar introductions, fireside chat and photography, which supplements this case study.

Customer personas were scripted by Nimbus so a teleprompter was required. We have this and incorporated it into the production. This worked really well. We know Paul and Simon are the brains behind the business, but not necessarily used to being on camera. They wanted to ensure they were delivering what they needed to say.

The brief also didn’t specify a length of time for the content. By nature, the detail within customer personas would push this to longer form content.


We produced the customer personas with two cameras. This was to make what a visual that included lots of information a little more interesting. Have two camera angles to flick between gave variety whilst looking clean and professional.

The audio, teleprompter, studio, lighting set up and everything in between were all set ensuring the subjects could just concentrate on their delivery. Scheduling for the day allowed retakes, which we were expecting. The customer personas average 5 minutes each and are strong pieces of content they were all happy with. Having them scripted allowed them to know what they were going to say beforehand. However, some of these were altered on the day, as delivery is always different to written word.

As a crew, we had a Director/Shooter, Videographer/Sound Assistant and Photographer. Between us, we gave the guys a very relaxed atmosphere to work within. Come the end of the shoot, we knew we had 15 or so videos available for them to use.


The outcome for the customer personas was exactly what Nimbus wanted. They now live on their website within the separate sections they had visualised as part of the brief. All other videos were edited to a high standard and were tweaked along the way to fit with all platforms they would be broadcast on.

We had the ability to clip shorter sections of the videos so they could specifically be used for social media purposes.

The photography has also been used across the website and served as great content to showcase the owners in a relaxed environment. We always promote photos that aren’t behind the desk and in office attire. Showing personality through images and video is exactly what we want to bring, and we believe our clients share this vision too.

Overall, the customers personas and additional video content were an integral part to Nimbus’ new website launch. The videos look great and fit into their style and brand perfectly. A job well done.

Paul Davis
Co-founder, Nimbus
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