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Nicholas Simon Tailoring | Case Studies

Nicholas Simon Tailoring | Case Studies


Nick from Nicholas Simon Tailoring came to us with a clear idea of generating case studies for content. This content was primarily aimed for digital purposes – website and social, but could be used for events too. Nick had worked alongside YouNeek Productions on another production previously, Let’s Talk, so he had scoped out the way we work, the type of people we are and the quality of what we produce. He only ever wanted our team to complete this project for his business.

Case studies are powerful content for businesses, as it allows customers to tell your audience their experience of working with you. It’s the best form of promotion as it brings even more trust to your business than you could yourself.

As part of the briefing process we suggested breaking the case studies up into smaller, shorter clips that could be digested easier on social media platforms. Nick was open to this. We suggested we will provide 3 stand out clips of each case study. Providing them in landscape and portrait, so 6 in total from each case study.

In total, this generated 21 pieces of content plus photography from one day with the YouNeek Productions team.


Now that we had all of the brief nailed down, Nick had to arrange the case studies availability so they could all come in on the same day. That was sorted, and we provided a small crew of Director, Camera Operator and Photographer. We had previously done a recce on the showroom so we knew what type of space we were working with. It was big, lots of natural light and lent itself well to multiple set ups in one space.

The case study you see on this page is 1 of 3 set ups. Stood up after being presented with the finished suit in the mirror. The other two were sat down at a large table with suit accessories in the foreground, and at the materials table before selecting which patterns and combinations to have. All of these worked really well for variation.

In each of these locations we used the natural lights as much as we could, and added two further lights to supplement the subjects and balance out the brightness we had that day. Two cameras were utilised to cover close up and a wide. We separated capturing B roll to go with the final edit by completing that after the interview part.

In terms of timing, it all worked really smoothly. Both us as a team and Nick were extremely impressed by the content the case studies were sharing. It was spot on for what the brief was trying to achieve.


The edit for this project did require client input as there were some sections that needed removing down the line. As the case studies were so strong, it inevitably meant the length of time went on longer than ideally wanted. However, in those moments you don’t want to cut someone complimenting and sharing stories. Especially when they’re not a professional on camera. So we had allowed for the first cut to be done in full, for the client to then suggest areas to cut.

Once this was all done, B roll added and approved to go with the relevant comments, the full case studies were complete.

They fit into the category of ‘long form content’, but this is done with purpose. Trust related content requires longer viewing, more insight. The full case studies averaged 6 minutes per video.

However, providing 3 social media clips for each one is where we are able to shine a light on the content more suitable for social media. We reviewed the case studies and pulled out the best comments. These were snippets that didn’t require context and were below 60 seconds. We know this is optimum for social media.

6 months later and the content is still being shared and re-shared as it has longevity along with the volume that can be posted much further down the line.

A great production, with great videos and photos to show for it.

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