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Milwaukee Tools | Holesaw Product Video

Milwaukee Tools | Holesaw Product Video


Our first product video project with Milwaukee Tools was to produce a 60 second promotional video for their Holesaw. We originally first heard about this brief during the Spring. We later found out it was held back due to difficulties in producing a suitable rig.

With the product video still needing to be produced, YouNeek Productions stepped in offering support for the Production we originally discussed. On top of this, we offered to build the rig necessary and to provide the location to shoot the video too.

As a Production company this wouldn’t normally be an area we’d take on. However, we have great contacts in a mix of areas. So with a budget in mind from the client, we sourced multiple options, finally settling on a local carpentry company that we had experience with. We utilised their workshop, they built the rig consisting of 4 materials and gave us their time on the day of the shoot to drill all of the holes necessary. An amazing addition to the crew, but also the part that enabled us to win the job.

We started the project by enlisting our storyboard artist to create frames for the shoot. Milwaukee were then able to view and sign off based on these. Some of these are included in the photos within the case study.


Our solution for the product video was extremely well thought out. As you can see by the lengths we went to from the brief. Having the storyboard as detailed as it was allowed us to plan things down to a tee. The crew were all briefed accordingly, and having the DOP we did meant he took charge of every shot. He knew exactly what needed to be achieved and how he would do that.

The crew for this product video was – Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Production Assistant, Photographer and 2 carpenters on site for the shoot.

We had multiple lenses mapped out for particular shots, with the lighting being a particular challenge. We knew this would be. Especially for the final shot and main featured image on this case study. We blacked out the workshop to ensure we had maximum control over the lighting.

As always, we plan shoots like this meticulously scheduling hour by hour. In this case, this had to be done for the carpenters as they had 460 odd holes to drill across 4 materials in 1 day. Allowing us to get the final frame and money shot at the end of the day.


The outcome of this product video is absolutely fantastic. Milwaukee Tools in the UK and Europe were very happy with what we produced. It has gone across Europe up to Directors and other C suite roles where it has been received extremely well. The specific launch of the product video is coming up, which we are excited to see more of.

To get to this point, the Editor crafted an amazing piece together. They were guided by the storyboard as well, beautiful shots and a clear direction for how it all needed to fit together.

The most challenging part was probably the inclusion of the assets. As with most product videos, assets, captions and graphics need to be considered to ensure the viewer has all of the relevant information. Our concern was how they will fit in with the beautiful frames we’d captured, without taking the focus away. With the help of the client, and sharing of trust both ways, we got there.

The Editor delivered the video with audio a heavy influence. The music chosen was specific, audio of the drills, sparks and movement were all amplified to create the best effect possible. We wanted viewers to feel wow’d. To want that tool. To make it feel like it needed to be part of their toolkit. We know we achieved that, and the client does too.

Here’s to more video projects with Milwaukee Tools.

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