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Milwaukee | Carpentry Tools Photo Shoot

Milwaukee | Carpentry Tools Photo Shoot


Working with Milwaukee Tools, we were assigned to a Carpentry Tools Photo Shoot specifically for a new range of tools for that side of their business. Location was key again, which Milwaukee had identified early on. Fortunately, we were able to section off an area for the day ensuring we had freedom for the scenes, shots and room for lighting.

Carpentry Tools are best placed in action, in a workshop like this. We were briefed to capture the full range in situ following the style Milwaukee already has set throughout their marketing. With it being a Photography Shoot, our crew was set accordingly with a Director and Photographer. We were able to capture behind the scenes content too as we had a member of the Milwaukee team with us coordinating brand requirements. He was able to review and approve shots as they were being taken. Making for an easier editing process as we already had specific shots green lit.

A still image of Milwaukee Chisel Tools A still image of Milwaukee Chisel Tool


As we had worked with Milwaukee before we knew what they liked previously and what wasn’t required on set. They prefer a smaller crew working with efficiency so that was a priority for the Carpentry Tools Photo Shoot. Starting early, our aim was to spend the necessary time setting up the scene with lighting, background, props and the model. Once we had these in place, the plan was to shoot as much as we could within that set up.

We would replicate this approach across 3 or 4 set ups in the workshop and work through each product carefully. There was no rushing for each shot. They had to be right, and having a Milwaukee representative on set with us was important in giving their final decision.

The Director and Photographer worked together taking what was in the clients vision and on paper into reality. Using visual references and the props we had available we were able to hit the brief of each and every shot. The solution and outcome is what you can see within this case study.

A still image of Milwaukee Chisel Tool A still image of Milwaukee Chisel Tool


What Milwaukee asked for with the Carpentry Tools Photo Shoot is exactly what they received. A gallery of impressive images that will be distributed globally as part of the new product ranges marketing material. We feel privileged to play the part we did in providing that.

Due to the interaction on set in reviewing images and having presets available to apply to specific shots, it meant near approval was made there and then. Of course, there is still editing to be done, but we were able to ascertain where and how much editing would be required.

Having this knowledge helped us. In efficiency mainly, but with having a solid brief we knew exactly where our time needed to be spent. The outcome of the images are amazing. We’re very proud of them and the team at Milwaukee are very happy with all of them.

A closeup image of a camera lens

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