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Care Tech Guide | Industry Insights

Care Tech Guide | Industry Insights


Our first interaction with Care Tech Guide was detailed. We knew they had a clear idea on what they wanted, but they were new to producing content like this: Industry Insights.

We delivered all of the information we could to help shape their experience of Production, and hopefully with us as they wanted a high level of quality and professionalism. Care Tech Guide are a relatively new business, but with tonnes of knowledge and experience. They wanted this to be shared and delivered in a light, conversational way. Engaging their audience was key.

The concern they had from the start was how their team would perform on camera, as it is something none of them were used to.

That’s where we come in. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable when they step on set and work with us. You can see how well this went on the day via the behind the scenes images.

We create the atmosphere for them to deliver the very best Industry Insights that they can.


Once Care Tech Guide decided that YouNeek Productions were the best partner to produce their Industry Insights series, it was a case of building trust further.

Through a number of calls and script versions, we had settled them into the structure and schedule of the Production day. The Care Tech team chose which videos they wanted to move forward for filming, and who would deliver those.

The day of filming was kept simple for the above reasons. We didn’t want to overwhelm them, we wanted to impress and ensure they knew exactly what we were doing further instilling the trust we had built.

To do this, we only had a Director and Operator for the day. Both of which were hands on with the clients and the set, but keeping this as a small team meant that there weren’t too many voices and bodies on set. They were bringing 5+ people with them already, so there was no need to add numbers for the sake of it.

We set the equipment, lighting and set up before the client arrived. They had a coffee downstairs, and once all of their team were on site, we brought them up at the same time. This introduction to the studio gave them all an impressive experience that this was in fact, a completely professional set up.

We had a monitor set up for them off set so they could see and watch what the cameras could see. This gave them further comfort as we went through the content and they could focus on their knowledge for the Industry Insights series.


We delivered 12 Industry Insight videos, and 10 piece to camera clips on this day. Part of this was down to how well they performed on camera, as they were very comfortable and delivered many within one take. However, to share some of that credit, we created that atmosphere for them to be comfortable in what would have usually been an uncomfortable situation.

All of the videos look incredibly professional, and they were delighted with all of them. Only slight tweaks were required, but Care Tech were extremely excited to share these videos on their channels – all of which received amazing feedback.

They have more plans for video content in the future, especially increasing on their Industry Insights series.

We loved working with them, they did everything with a smile and embraced a new experience being on camera and delivering their knowledge in an engaging performance.

You can see what they thought of their day on the testimonial below.

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