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Beanworks | Video & Product Photography

Beanworks | Video & Product Photography


Beanworks video & product photography project was briefed in via our digital agency partner. They believed we were the perfect fit for their clients requirements. Our partner was handling the launch of Beanworks new website, which is now live and looks amazing.

The brief itself, was to capture video & product photography related to their new packaging and the process of “bag to cup” for the coffee beans. What they got however, was much more in regards to photography of the team, equipment and behind the scenes. This was coupled with the behind the scenes video seen further down this page.

To ensure we fully understood the process we organised a recce to be walked through it in person. This allowed us to get to know the brand, their passion and what they’re looking for in the production. This had a big impact on how the video & product photography went on the production day.


For Beanworks, the video & product photography shoot was a lot of fun. They set aside the whole location to be moved around for whatever we needed, which was great. We broke the day up, so that we could film and get the photos we needed efficiently allowing their team to continue operations where they needed to.

The crew weren’t on site for the recce, but as part of our planning process we ensure they are de-briefed and understand what they need to know about the product, location and client. Once set up, filming began. Working chronologically from when the coffee beans arrived on site. The process then followed from there.

The Beanworks team were on hand to take direction and assist us wherever possible to get the best shots.

Meanwhile, Photography was underway too.

Initially, we were gathering behind the scenes content of the process that was being filmed. The client wasn’t aware this was going to be happening so they were pleased with the bonus content.

Before we got into that though, we had ascertained how and where the product photography was going to take place. Whilst it may not be obvious, we set up the coffee bags on a shelving unit. We added plants and used the back of a mobile coffee station they were using for events for the grey wash back drop. We then lit it accordingly and shot these alongside filming of the process.


The outcome for Beanworks video & product photography project was over 100 images and two videos along with footage that can be edited into individual clips suitable for the website and social content later down the line. The editing process was one that had plenty of thought. The client was a perfectionist, which we always appreciate. So there were moments we would discuss individual shots before deciding whether they fitted the brief and placing in the final video.

All the while, trying to keep the video short enough to be appropriate for a website homepage. We think you’ll agree, it looks great on their website.

They are a good pace, cut in late and leave early enough to appreciate the visual, but also understand the process from start to finish. The Beanworks team and expertise comes across with the addition of fun throughout.

The photos came out amazingly. The reason for setting up the products where and how we did, we were able to control consistency. In the future, Beanworks will want more packaging images. This way we can set up the template of the scene and shoot them in the exact same way.

Beanworks video & product photography project was a huge success for us. Both with our digital agency partner and with the end client. A really enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing project.

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