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4×4 Event | Promotional video

4×4 Event | Promotional video


Our client was running an event for 4×4 vehicles and their dealers. There were many events like this throughout the year so they wanted to promote it properly. Using video as the method for this, we were positioned way up North in Scotland, near Dundee to capture the essence of what the event would entail. The video would need to include the agenda of the day, with classroom type activities, test drives and break out times for food, networking etc. Getting some testimonials within this was something our client briefed us on too.

A site videography case study image for 4x4 Event
A site videography case study image for 4x4 Event A site videography case study image for 4x4 Event


Our solution was straight forward in its approach, but we were mindful of the budget and the location we were positioned in. For this event, we went with a Self Shooting Director. This minimised the crew and therefore the cost for being in Scotland. The Self Shooting Director was well equipped and experienced to handle this brief, but logistics would always be something we’d have to work around. For example, he can only be in one place at a time with multiple things going on. However, the content captured on the day was met really, really well. Testimonials, test drives, arrivals, classrooms and breakout times were all specific items we were briefed to film, and we did.

Editorially, this content was to be put into something fast paced, energetic and to make you feel like you wanted to be there for the next event. Combined with adding text onto the visuals of the testimonials, we felt this was important to highlight the positive feedback for all types of viewers.

A site videography case study image for 4x4 Event
A site videography case study image for 4x4 Event


We were really proud and happy with the outcome of the 4×4 Event video. The content captured was exactly as we were asked to, and required of ourselves. Shooting slow motion content in 50fps, fitted well alongside sped up edits, long shots from elevated positions and close ups of the people enjoying the event.

You can see by the clients testimonial that we exceeded their expectations, which is something we always aim to do. They received a highly polished Event video that they can use and re-use for promotional purposes. It can set a standard for future events and productions they produce too. A project where both parties are extremely happy with the outcome.

I think you and your team have done a fantastic job and completely agree that you have a great balance between visually showing the fun element of the day and the technical/informative element.

Dave gets the message across well and I must admit I could not have asked for better customer testimonials and the use of on screens words does help emphasis the points.

Rory Carlin
Wholesale Marketing General Manager
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