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Insights Why you should use video

Why you should use video

The video marketing age

With 91% of businesses now using video as part of their marketing toolkit, the age of this content has clearly arrived. This statistic would also suggest that the effectiveness of video marketing is obvious to most marketers. However, with budgets under strain, allocating money to creating this type of content isn’t an easy decision. 

As producers, we’re always going to be biased about how effective video is. It also means we’ve got lots of reasons you can use to persuade your stakeholders to invest in this content.

Benefits of video marketing

Although we could talk for hours about how well video marketing works for a range of businesses and audiences, we didn’t want to bore you. So we’ve just chosen a few highlights. 

It meets different needs

Just like music, there’s a video format that suits every occasion. So unless you’re planning to release your own album, investing in filmed content is the next best option for:

  • Educating your audience about your specialist subjects or topic areas of interest
  • Informing prospects about why they should choose your product or service
  • Showcasing your customers and how much you’ve helped them
  • Evoking specific emotions in people and inspiring them to take action 
  • Demonstrating how your product or services work

In fact, whatever needs you’re looking to fulfil with your content, video is likely to be one of the most compelling and effective ways of meeting it. 

It works on mobile

These days, mobile phones are the main way brands talk to and work with their customers. As of 2022, 45% of global customers shopped at least once a week on their mobile. Other consumer behaviours such as product research are also done mainly on smartphones. So if you want to reach your prospects, your business needs to be reaching them here. 

Luckily, video content is uniquely effective on mobile. Three-quarters of people watch short-form videos on their phones. So filming content that’s designed to be viewed on a handheld screen will help businesses connect and engage with their target audiences. 

It has multiple uses

One video doesn’t just have to be used once. In fact, if you work with a producer who’s experienced in maximising the value of their content, they’ll likely recommend that each of the videos produced is used in different ways. For example, from a single well-planned shoot day, videographers could create: 

  • A library of short social media-friendly edits that you can share across different platforms
  • A single longer-form edit that can be used on your company website
  • Footage that can be edited into an advert or promotional video
  • Informative content that can be stitched together into an educational YouTube film
  • Clips that can be used internally to train colleagues about products or services

By strategically capturing footage that can be re-edited in several different ways, you can make the most of your investment in a single day’s shoot. Plus, the effectiveness of video content means it can drive conversions and help you generate revenue, offering good levels of ROI. 

It engages audiences

As long as you understand your target audience and their needs, the video you create for them can drive great levels of engagement. With TikTok being the fastest-growing social platform and YouTube being the most used, the popularity of video content is clear. 

Easier to consume than blogs, captions or even standard adverts, a huge range of businesses have discovered video’s unique ability to drive views, comments and clicks. So, as the above figures show, if you want to keep up with the crowd, never mind stand out from it, you need to be investing in video content.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Influencers, amateurs and unexpected viral stars are all creating video content. This means audiences are used to seeing films shot on a mobile phone about a simple subject with just one or a few people in them. So businesses don’t have to think outside the box to make effective video content. 

Recreating current trends, re-editing existing footage and shooting a single-person demo on selfie mode are all legitimate content. Just make sure you’re solving a customer’s problem, giving them value or offering entertainment to get their attention and keep them engaged. 

How to take advantage of video

The digital world is continuously moving forward at such a fast pace. Understanding the impact of online videos can help you fulfil many of your business’s digital objectives. 

Plus, if you’re struggling to find the expertise or capacity in-house to create the quality video you want, we can help. Take a look at some examples of our video marketing projects or get in touch to find out more about how we can support you. 

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