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Insights Behind the Scenes of a Shoot Day

Behind the Scenes of a Shoot Day

Join me, as a digital marketing intern for the behind the scenes of a shoot day. As a marketing intern stepping into the vibrant world of productions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a full day of filming with the crew. The forecast showed rain, our schedule was packed, and our client—a commercial property development company—was eagerly anticipating the results. Set in Peterborough, where our client’s project was located, the day was bound to be an exciting blend of challenges and creativity. Join me on a journey through the day-to-day magic that brings our clients’ visions to life.

Meet the Crew: The YouNeek Productions Dream Team

Before we dive into the action, let me introduce the crew:

  • Luke: Our director, the visionary behind the camera. Luke’s keen eye and passion for storytelling drive the creative direction of every project.
  • Dale: The producer and logistical mastermind. Dale ensures that everything runs smoothly and that the client is happy.
  • Dom: Our camera operator. Dom captures every moment with precision, always finding the perfect angle to tell the story.
  • Joe: The drone operator. Joe’s drone shots bring a dynamic perspective to our footage.
  • Kasia: Our operations manager. Kasia was not with us at the shoot, however, we couldn’t have done it without her. Kasia organised the days dates, permissions, and schedule.
  • Me: The intern and your behind-the-scenes guide. My role involves filming content for our social media, providing a sneak peek into the day’s shoot.

Pre-production Planning: The Blueprint of Success

Before the cameras start rolling, there’s a great amount of preparation that sets the stage for a successful shoot. Our job started long before the day of the shoot, with our team planning schedules, the equipment and interview scripts.

With our client based in Peterborough, we spent a considerable amount of time gaining flight permission for the drone shots and arranging the correct locations to shoot in. Luke and Dale crafted the creative vision, ensuring every aspect was finely tuned. Meanwhile, Dom was busy setting up his cameras, and Joe prepped his drone for the day’s flight. As for me, I was ready with my phone to capture behind-the-scenes content for our social media platforms (BTS TikTok).

Team Effort in Production

Let’s start from the beginning of the day. At 8 AM, we meet up at our first location. We grouped ourselves into two teams, Dom, Dale and I were after the B-roll shots (that feature heavily in the final edit), and Luke and Joe were responsible for the drone shots. The weather forecast hinted at possible rain later in the day, so Joe swiftly launched the drone to capture sweeping shots before the rain began. Watching both groups capture their shots with expert precision was truly incredible. With both groups’ shots completed, we took a much-needed coffee and breakfast break. There’s something about a hot cup of coffee that recharged us for the next part of our shoot. It was time to drive down to location two.

When arriving at the second set, our afternoon began with an amusing twist. We confidently parked our cars headfirst into the parking bays, ready to tackle the day. But, to our surprise, we were kindly informed that the site rule was to reverse park for aesthetics. So, picture us, performing a spontaneous parking pirouette. We laughed as we re-parked our cars backwards, adding a bit of comedy to our morning routine. The second set was the client’s bustling office, our focus was to capture the vibrant energy of the site and to shoot our interview shots. Imagine this, tens of staff members moving around, phones ringing, and the occasional lunchroom chatter drifting into the background. It was like trying to record an orchestra in the middle of a busy train station!

Despite the lively environment, Dom and Luke expertly navigated the chaos. They secured quiet corners and built mini sets for the interviews, finding dynamic spots to film the office in action, showcasing the heartbeat of the company’s daily operations. Meanwhile, Dale coordinated with the office staff, ensuring minimal disruption. As for me, I found myself weaving through the crowd, capturing snippets of the team and bringing the vision to life.

Shoot Day Expectations vs. Reality: The Beautiful Chaos

Given that I have little to no experience of being a part of a production crew I had some preconceived notions about the glamour of a production shoot. It is certainly not all glamour and effortless takes; instead, it’s a huge amount of thought, creativity and problem-solving. From adjusting for unexpected shadows to dealing with curious onlookers, the reality of shoot day is a combination of precision and adaptability.

For example, our experience with the weather. The morning was a race against time as Joe captured drone shots before the rain set in. Later, as we filmed indoors, the active office environment presented its own set of challenges. Then, in a twist of fate, the rain clouds parted, and the sun broke through just as we finished our indoor shots. Seizing the moment, Luke decided to move the crew outside for some outdoor shots. This was unscripted creativity at its best. The unexpected sunshine provided a perfect opportunity to capture the building’s exterior in natural light. Dom sprang into action, capturing beautiful footage that added a vibrant dimension to the project (spoiler: after seeing the first draft I can truly say that they turned out to be some of the most striking visuals in the final edit!).

These unexpected twists added a layer of spontaneity to the day—proving that no amount of planning can completely script real life. For me this also showcased the team’s incredible ability to adapt and find creative solutions.

A Day of Teamwork

Spending the day with YouNeek Productions was an eye-opening experience—a testament to the passion for production and collaboration. On my drive back home, I couldn’t help but reflect on the unexpected surprises and joys that shaped our day. Production is a world where every shoot is unique, and every shot is crafted with teamwork and creativity.

As I waited in the evening traffic, my mind replayed the day’s events. Each moment, from the smallest detail to the grandest setup, contributed to a series of shared experiences and mutual effort. The sense of togetherness on set was infectious, with each team member bringing their own spark of creativity and enthusiasm. These interactions showcase the blend of spontaneity and precision, the challenge of turning vision into reality, and the simple joy of working together to tell a story.

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